Tara Gerstner

I love soccer, plain and simple. I’ve played soccer since the age of six, going through recreation, select, high school and college club leagues. Any chance that I get to play in a competitive, high level game is another opportunity for me to enjoy the game we all love so much. Although it is rooted in the game of soccer, the WSC has provided me a bit more in addition to what I expected. Since moving back to the area, the club has given me the opportunity to meet a multitude of very talented women, both on and off the field. I have come to cherish the weekly games that we have, along with the friendships that have been made during the past year. In addition, because the league does encourage people of all sporting backgrounds to join, it has given me an opportunity to mentor and guide others in the knowledge of the game that I have acquired through so many years of playing, which I have really enjoyed. Finally, I love the fact that it’s been another way I’ve been able to connect with my own family. My husband has “coached” several of our games, and because the open league allows ages 16 & up, I’ve actually been able to play some games with my younger sister, which is something I never thought I would get to do. The WSC has provided me a great experience with fantastic people. I highly recommend giving it a shot, whether you’ve been playing soccer your whole life or have never touched a soccer ball. If it seems intimidating, don’t worry. There are plenty of teammates around who will happily give you some coaching. Just ask, we love to share!

Tara GerstnerTop Gunners - Open League Division 1 B; SWAT - O25 Premier League