Shannon Jenik

Becoming a member of the WSC/WCI has been such a special experience for me.  After being away from Wisconsin for ten years, I was thrilled to move back and discover this wonderful club for women.  Every week I have two games to look forward to, where I can experience all of the emotions of the “beautiful game.”  I have met so many fun, encouraging, enthusiastic women who impress me with their soccer skills and life stories.I find jogging around the neighborhood to be a bore, but always find chasing, passing and shooting a soccer ball to be a thrill. Not only has the soccer club given me a chance to fit fitness into my hectic schedule, I’ve also found some great friends! I am so thankful to have found this organization and all the wonderful people associated with it.

Shannon JenikCosmos O30 League A Division; Falcons - Open League Division 1 B