Roni Andrew

“WSC has changed my world — ok, that’s sappy cliche, but there is truth to it.  Before I joined the club, the thought of being part of a sports program seemed ridiculous.  The closest I came to team sports was an occasional church volleyball game.  It was classic mid-life crisis…I turned 40 and I wanted to play soccer.  Where does someone who had never played find a spot on a team.   I heard about about WSC by accident.  Stepping out on the pitch for the first time was scary.  I knew no one.  My first team was a group of strays.  By the end of the session it was like we had been friends since U-6!   Now years later with a new level of confidence, I am doing so many more things I would have never had the nerve to try, mostly by the prompting of the women I play soccer with.  They are PhD’s, baristas, SAH moms, business owners, cops, VP’s, the list goes on…all of them incredible in their own way.  Adversaries on the pitch, friends when the buzzer sounds the last second of the game.  Over beers there is the usual recap of the game, but then it continues into the camaraderie only found when we women gather with our friends.  That is why WSC is different from your usual co-ed soccer leagues…”

Roni AndrewBaird White O30 League B Division; Inferno O40 League