Lisa Hollander

Soccer has been for me a release. A way of letting off steam, exert some energy and let out frustration. It has given me a multitude of what I like to call ‘white moments’. Those moments where time seems to stand still and everything seems perfect. Soccer has been a place where I have forged friendships that now span the United States. IT has helped me to become the person I am today and I would not change it. WSC has brought soccer back into my life. After 3 kids and 4 ankle surgeries I am able to play again and experience the joy I once knew. I had not played for 5 years and thought that I would never play again. Then I got an e-mail from an old teammate asking if I might be interested playing. IT was impossible to say no. I had to play and feel the exhilaration of running down the field and making that assist, scoring the goal or stopping the other team, feel that ‘white moment’ again. I did and brought some old friends into it with me. I have made a lot of new friends and have written to WSC many times thanking team for the opportunity to play once more. I am lucky and blessed. I can still play. I have been playing in the Over 30 league, A division and working hard. It has been great. Thanks for the opportunity. I definitely plan on playing for many years to come.

Lisa HollanderChili Peppers O30 League A Division; Ajax -O25 Premier League