Julie Davies

Thank God for WSC!  I truly mean it.  As many women in the league I played soccer through out high school and into my late 20’s.  I stopped playing when I was 3 months pregnant with my first son.  I just assumed I was done.  9 years later, when he started playing I realized how much I missed the game.  I started calling around to find a women’s league, that is when I found WSC and have been playing ever since.  I so missed the game but even more the camaraderie of the women who play.  It’s not just the exercise or stress relief it is also the networking and relationships you get out of it.  We have doctors, lawyers, teachers, and just moms on our team.  It’s great to have a large resource of contacts to go to with questions, concerns or simple insight.  I love how the league rally’s around people in need.  Women who have gotten hurt while playing the game, raising money for a playground, or supporting other members for runs and marathons.  Many people are surprised that I still play soccer, but I am more amazed when they ask how they can join.  I recommend WSC to every women who played, who wants to play, or is looking for a new way to get in shape.  I love it!

Julie DaviesVelocity O30 League B Division