Jenny Merrick

I have been playing with WSC for 2 years and I consider it not only a place to play the game of soccer, but a social outlet and a drink from the fountain of youth! I am energized by the healthy competition and the many WSC women that come from a variety of backgrounds, life situations and age levels. I look forward to game day not only for the workout and game of soccer, but for the camaraderie of the women that I play with (or against). WSC allows me to set a good example for my kids. They see mom playing a game that encourages team effort and a competitive spirit. They inquire whether we won or lost and how the game went. WSC helps me validate the time I took, for myself, to give them living proof the benefits of playing a sport.

Jenny MerrickKryptonite O25 Premier League; Top Gunners -Open League Division 1 B