Casey Shearing

I have played soccer for over 15 years now from the East Coast to the Midwest and I can honestly say there are very few clubs that can parallel what WSC/WCI offers.  The variety of competitive levels year round coupled with a club approach to support its players as well as one’s community is hard to come by.  I moved to Milwaukee almost two years ago and started playing soccer with WSC/WCI shortly after.  In the short time I have played with the club, I have played with and against some very amazing and inspiring women.  That starts from the top down, hats off to Ginny McCullough and everyone else who have laboriously kept this club going.  I urge anyone interested in playing soccer, no matter the level, to check out WSC/WCI.  You will gain not only the experience of great play, but a welcoming community of new friends.

Casey ShearingPhoenix O30 League A Division; Ajax -O25 Premier League