Carmen Berte

I first started playing soccer at age 52 with the urging of my 18 year old daughter, and I haven’t looked back since! I have been exposed to so many things through being a part of WSC that I’d need alot more space than just a paragraph. The obvious ones are getting exercise, meeting new people, learning a new sport, being part of a team, etc, etc. But the things that are less obvious are the emotional/personal ones such as being made to feel a needed part of a team of women you don’t even know, being appreciated for your time/talent/devotion to something you’re all just learning to do, crying off the field after a game and being helped through it by women you just met, a sense of belonging to something for who you are/just as you are, being respected for your knowledge of the game even though you’re just learning yourself. Women of all backgrounds are welcome at WSC, and I’ve seen firsthand what power can come of this—-not just power on the soccer field, but power on the field of life 🙂

Carmen BerteSwarm O30 League C Division