St Paddy’s High Stakes Party

 Tickets NOW on Sale Buy HERE

  • Click here for Sponsor Detail Form so Katie  can follow up for you. See example of ad space. Click for cost & sizing
  • Donate Bottles of $10+ wine for the wine pull Contact Brenda 1 bottle =1 GI PT
  • BUY& SELL RAFFLE TICKETS – 1 for $5 and 5 for $20 Cash prizes – 1st Prize = $1000 Contact Kayla
  • See McManigal Photographs from 2014 event –St Paddy’s High Stakes Party
  • Attend the event for a night of Free BEER, Free WINE & free $300 worth of gambling chips for fun!
  • See fun photos from last year from McManigal Photography and fabulous photo booth!
  • Buy your tickets NOW!

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