Phone Number: (414) 698 - 5158

Fax Number: (414) 446 - 4260


Mailing Address: 

Women's Soccer Club
6446 N. Elm Tree Rd.
Glendale, WI 53217


Club Administration Contact Information
 CEO/President - Ginny McCullough [email protected]
 Website Administrator - Ian McCullough [email protected]
 Club Administrator - Rebecca Schultz [email protected]
 Athletic Trainer - Mark Alberg MS, LAT Midwest Orthopedic Sports Medicine  [email protected]  414-588-9028
Club Operations  [email protected]
 Recruitment Coordinator - Katie Oberfoell [email protected]
 Registrar & Treasurer- Rebecca Schultz [email protected]
 Uniform Coordinator - Brenda Anderson [email protected]
Referee Coordinator - Rebecca Schultz and Ginny McCullough [email protected] [email protected]

League Coordinator Team

O50 League Coordinator - Shelia Beck

O50 League Coordinator - Linda Nowaczek

 [email protected]

[email protected]

 O40 League  Coordinator - Jenny Finucan [email protected]
 O35 League Coordinator - Melissa Kappeler [email protected]
O30 League Coordinator - Rebecca Schultz  [email protected]
Open League Coordinator - Tanya Gegare [email protected]
 Majors Coordinator - Kayla McCullough  [email protected]
 Grievance & Disciplinary Coordinator:  
Chrissy Preston (e-mail grievances)   [email protected]
Get Involved with Women's Charities Inc Program  
 GI Club Coordinator - Donna Bricco   [email protected]
 Special Events  
Special Events FunRaising Coordinator - Marissa Delwiche [email protected]
Special Events FundRaising Coordinator - Donna Bricco [email protected]
High Stakes Night Fundraiser  - Ginny McCullough  [email protected]

Mission Statement

The mission of the Women’s Soccer Club as a division of the Women’s Charities, Inc., is to provide opportunities and to promote adult women’s soccer without regard to level of experience, skill level, race, national origin, sexual orientation, religion and socio-economic status

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