Captain’s Guide to Build Roster & Assign Fees on WSC site”>print Captain’s Guide pdf 

 What actions do I need to do?

All captains need to login and ‘build’ their team roster and assign fees to each player.  Any delays in the timeline, your team will be at risk of not being scheduled for upcoming session.  Captains, please go to: login with your official WSC login, choose “MY TEAMS” button and “ADD PLAYER” to your roster.  Once all your players are added, then choose “ASSIGN FEES” button to add the session fee for each player.  As been the policy, session fees may differ for each player based on # of players on the roster and sub status, but your total team fee must be reached in order to be eligible to be scheduled.

When does this need to be done?

Since we need time to generate a schedule, assign fields, match with referees; and we need time for your players to pay the team fees, it is important that you complete your roster and assign fees by deadline.  Since it is the first time on a new web site, completing your team

roster should take about an hour.

All your players need have paid their fee by due date.  This gives the WSC scheduling volunteer management a short time to post the schedule before the first match.

What if I need help logging in?

Your login and username was created when you updated your profile. If you still need to do that and you do not know your ID number, or have other technical issues, please send mail to [email protected].

Roster Build FAQ

Q.  How exactly do I create a team roster on the new web site?

 After you login and press the “My Teams” button and select the team of which you are a captain of, you should see a screen like this.

WSC My Teams Screen

Once you are at this screen, to add a member you simply start typing in their last name. After three letters, a list of matching players should pop up underneath the textbox. Select the corresponding member. In this sample case it is “Ginny McCullough” from “Glendale”.

WSC Add Player to Roster

 If you are unable to select and add a player, then it may be that they have not updated their WSC profile.  Please contact them to do so.  You may resend the communications from last month with instructions on how to update/create a new profile.

Once you select the member and type in their jersey number. Press the “Add Player To Roster” button.WSC Add Player to Roster

The player you added should be shown on your roster on the web page.WSC Repeat Add Player

Repeat this process until all the players that are playing in session have been added to your roster.

Q.  How exactly do I assign the session fee to a player?

 To assign a fee to a member simply press the “Assign Fee” button in the players row and type in a value into the box. Once you are sure that value is correct press “Assign”.WSC Assign Fees

As with previous sessions, the total team fee must be met by the due date (in this case December 31) before your team can be scheduled.

Q.  How do we view the status of the team roster on the new web site?

First, login with your official WSC username and password.WSC Login Screen


After you login, you will see a list of buttons. To view the roster of the the teams you are currently on, click on the “My Teams” tab.

WSC My Teams Screen


You should then see the team(s) you are currently on. To view the roster of any of these teams, click on the “View Roster” link.

WSC View Roster

Q.  How do we pay fee’s on the new web site?

First, login with your official WSC username and password.WSC login


After you login, you should see a list of buttons. To view any fees assigned to you, click on the “My Fees” tab.My Fees Tab


You should then see a list of all fees ever assigned to you and whether they are “Paid” or not. To pay a fee, click on the “Pay Now” button. Go through the paypal payment screens and it should bring you back to this same page but the “Pay Now” button should now say “Paid.Pay Now button

Q. What if I have technical problems?

If you or a player does not know their ID number, you can reach any of the support team by sending mail to [email protected] and they will assist you.












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