1.     Referee Game Report (Given to Referee)

2.     Roster printed off from Webroster – Give to Referee BEFORE the game


1.     Referee Evaluation: sent in after game

2.     Incident Report: Report any injury, red or yellow cards awarded, issues resulting in a need to file a notice or file a grievance 

  • Injury & cards sent in right away
  • Grievance/Notice sent in 24 hr cool-off requirement

Important information from the My Captains Tools page FAQs

15. What if there is an incident in a game? What do I do as captain?

If an incident happens: injury or cards given, these must be documented in the incident updates that you will automatically be receiving after every game via e-mail score game reminder.

16. What constitutes a forfeit?

 For outdoor – a game is forfeit if less than 7 players show up at the start of the game. It is to the discretion of the referee to allow for 5 minute grace period until the minimum of 7 players shows. The 5 minutes will be taken from the game time, A game can still be played if the other team agrees to split up their players and have a friendly scrimmage. However, the game is forfeit and the game is scored as a 3-0 forfeit. If the opposing team displays a NO SHOW, a score of 3-0 is recorded and a forfeit penalty fee of $30 is assessed which MUST be paid before the next game.

A NO SHOW status includes even if you’d e-mailed in advance that your team won’t be there to play. The game was still NOT played. The forfeit fee will be credited to the opposing team towards the next session. If you know ahead of time that your game is going to be a NO SHOW forfeit, please contact captains of opposing team PLUS WSC Scheduler so she can make sure that the WSC Referee Assignor can cancel the referee. Also, the $30 forfeit penalty fee will be credited to the opposing team once the penalty fee has been paid.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Women’s Soccer Club as a division of the Women’s Charities, Inc., is to provide opportunities and to promote adult women’s soccer without regard to level of experience, skill level, race, national origin, sexual orientation, religion and socio-economic status

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