Mission Statement of the WSC

The mission of the Women’s Soccer Club is to provide opportunities and to promote adult women’s soccer without regard to the level of experience, skill level, race, national origin, sexual orientation, religion and socio-economic status.

Vision Statement of the WSC:

  • Provide all women 16 years of age and older, regardless of skill level and past playing experience, with an opportunity to learn and play soccer in the WSC within a safe, organized and structured club environment.
  • Empower women to reach an increased self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-acceptance through positive team building and positive peer role models at all levels of play.
  • Find strength in numbers on and off the field through the club’s women helping women WCI GetInvolved Program.

What are the Benefits of playing with the WSC?

In addition to the benefits described above in our Mission and Vision:

  • We offer year-round leagues, including outdoor and indoor opportunities.
  • Our schedules are split between multiple fields to attract players from all around the Greater Milwaukee Area. Outdoor is typically split between Midwest Orthopedic Sports Complex outdoor fields in Brookfield and Uihlein Soccer Park fields in Milwaukee off of 72nd and Good Hope. We also utilize other parks throughout the area pending availability. Indoor schedules are split between Midwest Orthopedic Sports Complex in Brookfield and Uihlein Soccer Park in Milwaukee.
  • We offer a comprehensive website that provides detailed information about the WSC, schedules, field locations, league standings, and ways to communicate and keep your team up to date.
  • Captains can manage rosters on the WSC website at www.womenssoccerclub.com under the Captains Tools tab/Team Management. This includes adding and removing players, identifying active, subs and inactive players and assigning fees.
  • Although the total fees assigned to your players must equal the total team fee due, unlike non-WSC leagues, the captain does not have to physically collect the money to play. She has the ability to divide the fee between the players on the roster, assign the fee on the website and the player pays her portion using the WSC website/My Fees tab via PayPal.

Sub Fees

Sub fees are managed by the team captain(s). Although we encourage captains to charge and collect sub fees in a manner that is equitable to all of the players on her team, it is ultimately up to the discretion of the captain.

How old does a player have to be to join the team?

  • For Semi-pro/Majors or Open, 16 years old or older.
  • For O30, the player must be 29 turning 30 in the calendar year.
  • For O35 Premier, the player must be 34 turning 35 in the current calendar year.
  • For O40 Division I, the player must be 39 turning 40 in the calendar year.
  • For O50, the player must be turning 45 in the current calendar year.

What are the captain’s duties/responsibilities? How many captains are required for each team?

  • While we recommend that each team has two captains, one captain is required. Only a captain has the ability to access the Team Management tools to create or update rosters and assign fees. Captains can only be added to a roster by Ginny McCullough WSC President or the Club Administrator designee. To add or change the captain, go to the Help tab/Contact Us and submit request to add or change the captain.
  • Ensure that all players are added to the roster prior to playing any WSC games.
  • Direct new players to the WSC website to complete registration, pay the registration fee and upload her headshot photo. Cropping capabilities are available at upload.
  • Communicate with league coordinator and registrar if additional players are needed for your team. Please note, new players may not always be available upon request. Letting the League Coordinator, and Registrar know will help the Recruitment Coordinator know that additional players are needed can help with timely player placement.
  • Update roster, names, email addresses and other updates as needed.
  • Assign player fees to individual player accounts on the web roster in a timely manner to help players avoid late fees and ensure complete payment of the team fee by the due date.
  • Make sure the total team fee due is assigned and paid for every session.
  • Follow up with players after fees are assigned.
  • Encourage players to RSVP to all games. It is used as a gauge not only to their own team but for the opposing team to determine if there will be a forfeit or a game.
  • Collect sub fees. This can help offset the costs for future sessions.
  • Notify the opposing captain when a club sub will be playing in any WSC game. For outdoor, in addition to notifying the opposing captain, make sure that club subs are added to the Referee Game Report to be given to the referee.
  • File Incident Reports with the Grievance and Disciplinary Coordinator (GAD) if a card is issued for an injury sustained during the game, behavior that is considered disruptive to the game or has the potential of causing injury or harm to another. Captains need to make sure that are providing complete information, including names of players involved, referee, date, time and location of the game, as well as a clear synopsis of the incident. The lack of complete information can lead to delays in reviewing and outcome of the report. The Incident Report is reviewed by the GAD Coordinator. If you do not know how to file an incident report, contact your League Coordinator for assistance or Help tab/Contact Us on the website.
  • For injuries, immediately contact our athletic trainer Mark Alberg from Midwest Orthopedic Sports Medicine. He is available 24/7 for a consult. If he doesn’t pick up, PLEASE leave a message. [email protected] or cell 414-588-9028. He is expecting injured players/captains to contact him at the time of the injury or any time after for a free injury screening. If you need to get a consultation or an MD right away, he will make that happen. PLEASE utilize his expertise. Put his number on your speed dial JUST in case. We want all WSC members, families and friends to stay safe and healthy.
  • Submit the game score via the Game Report RSVP sent to captains via email after the game is completed. If the score was accidentally posted wrong, please contact Ginny McCullough/the Club administrator designee/go to Help on the website and submit a request for score change.
  • Attend and participate in captains meetings, as scheduled. If unavailable, send a team designee.

Why are our team rosters and fees due four weeks prior to the start of a session?

The WSC Coordinators need enough time to request fields from multiple locations, await their responses, create game match-ups, assign referees, and post schedules. In addition, the WSC needs the team fees paid prior to the start of the session to secure the fields in advance.

Will my team be added to the schedule if team fees are not paid by the due date?

  • Yes, your team will not be added to the schedule if the complete fee is not paid within one week after the due date. Once your team has been removed, your team will need to wait until the next session to re-join the scheduled league.
  • If you find that you have players that do not pay their fees prior to the due dates, you can remove the fee and/or player from the roster, then re-assign the fee as you feel appropriate (this can be to the captains or new players). Once the fee is reassigned, it must be paid within one week after the due date.
  • Non-WSC leagues typically do not allow teams to start the session if the complete team fee is not paid in full prior to the session.

As a captain, what do I need to bring to each game?

  1. For outdoor:

Prior to the start of the game, provide a completed Referee Game Report to the referee. Go to Captains Tools /Game Day to download this electronic form.

  • Referee Game Report  – Give to Referee BEFORE the game.
  • Roster printed off from team web roster – Give to Referee BEFORE the game.

We encourage you to have a current copy of your roster. Occasionally, a referee or opposing captain might have a question regarding a player’s eligibility. Your printed roster showing headshots of your players serves as WSC player identification.

2. For Indoor:

We encourage you to have a current copy of your roster. Occasionally, a referee or opposing captain might have a question regarding a player’s eligibility. Your printed roster showing headshot photos of your players serves as WSC player identification.

3. After the game:

  • At your discretion, you can complete a Referee Evaluation. Go to Captains Tools/Game Day for the electronic form. You can use this form whether you have a positive or a negative experience. The WSC schedules referees for outdoor games. We use this information when scheduling our referees. Indoor referees are provided by the indoor facility we play at.
  • Incident Report – if injury, cards issued or behavioral issues that create a delay or disruption during the game. Click this Incident Report Link or go to Captains Tools/Game Day to download the incident report. Reports related to injuries or cards should be filed upon completion of the game. Grievance related reports should be filed after a 24-hour cool-down period. This gives everyone time to reflect on the incident to decide if merits further review.

What if the referee outdoor doesn’t show up?

Contact the Referee Coordinator ASAP to check for the delay. If the end results that there is no referee, the game will proceed without a referee/fan can referee if you choose. The referee fee will be divided in half and credited to each team for the next session.

What is the difference between a club sub and a team sub?

  • A club sub is a registered WSC member in good standing (does not have any outstanding fees or disciplinary action). She is not listed to a roster in the league for which she is serving as a club sub. The League Coordinators have the current list of available club subs for their league.
  • A team sub is registered WSC member listed on a roster of a particular team within a league. The team sub can only play for the team in which she is listed as a sub.

What are the deadlines that I need to know as captain?

Session dates change from year to year and can differ from one league to another. Captains will receive notification from the league coordinator of the session dates, as well as the roster and fee due dates. It is imperative that captains pay attention to e-mails for this information. We will also be updating this information on the EVENTS calendar on the website and WSC e-newsletters.

Can I make changes to my web roster once the deadline has passed?

You can make changes to your roster as needed, however, with the exception of new WSC members, players cannot move from one team to another within a league during a session.

Are there playoffs?

We do not always have playoffs. Under the discretion of Ginny McCullough, Club President, in conjunction with the League Coordinator, if playoffs are deemed necessary and appropriate, they will be scheduled prior to the start of the session. Captains will be given advanced notice of this decision.

How are playoffs seeded?

Using the stats from the website scoreboard and the total number of possible points, the seeding is determined by the # of points earned during a session.

  • Win = 3 points
  • Tie = 1 point
  • Loss = 0 points
  • Shutout =1 point

If for example, a team plays 7 games, the total possible game points are 21. (7×3 points=21) If the team won 3 games, tied 2 and lost 2 games, their total points would be 11 total points out of a total of 21 points possible. Shutouts add additional points. If it is a head to head tie, then the team with the lowest Op score gets the higher seeding. Higher seeded teams get later times on the schedule. 

How do players pay session fees online?

Players will receive an RSVP email with a link to pay fees. Click on the link. Pay the fees. Or players can log in and click on the My Fees tab. If fees aren’t satisfied by the due date, a $15 late fee is assigned with a one week grace period after the due date.

How are promotion and relegation decided?

  • If leagues and divisions are balanced, promotion and relegation will not be utilized.
  • Promotion and relegation can be used when necessary to maintain equal and fair competition throughout the club.
  • Teams are promoted and relegated within the league using the stats from the previous session to determine seed placement of teams in each division within the league. Wins and losses, as well as goal differential, will be taken into consideration when promoting and relegating teams. The top one or two teams in the lower division are promoted tot he upper division and the bottom one or two teams in the upper division would be relegated to the lower division.
  • Captains will be given advanced notice of this decision.

How many players can I have on my roster?

At the captains choosing, a team can have as many or as few players on their roster. An outdoor roster needs 11 players, but will typically have 16-18 players. An indoor roster needs six players but typically will have 11-12 players. Please keep in mind that roster size drives the per player fee. The fewer players listed on the roster, the higher the individual per player fee.

How many subs can I have on my roster?

You can list as many subs to your roster as you feel necessary to fulfill your team needs, including having enough players to field a team for each game, as well as offset session fees.

How do I post our game score on the website?

After each game, the WSC automatically generates an e-mail that is sent to the captains of each team. This e-mail connects you back to the WSC website to post your score. If the score is posted wrong, please contact your league coordinator/help tab on the website.

Can a game be rescheduled?

  • Outdoor games can only be rescheduled due to inclement weather. Cancellations due to inclement weather will be made by the referee and/or field management.
  • If a game is rained out, one attempt will be made to reschedule the game. We will normally try to reschedule the game on the second Tuesday after the rained out game.
  • Indoor games will not be rescheduled.

What is the forfeit policy?

  • Forfeit: A forfeit is defined as when a team surrenders their right to play a scheduled game and causes their opposing team to be denied the opportunity to play the game as scheduled.
  • Surrender team: The team that determines for any reason they are unable to play a scheduled game.
  • Opposing team: The team that is denied the opportunity to play a scheduled game.
  • Forfeit fee: The fee that is a pre-determined amount set by the WSC President or designee to be paid by the surrendering team to the opposing team prior to their next scheduled league game.

Forfeit Policy:

Each team must be prepared to field a team at least one hour prior to game time. Indoor teams must have at least 4 players to start the game and outdoor must have at least seven players to start the game. Captains should ensure that her players are updating the RSVPs as this is a gauge for the opposing team to determine if there will be a game played as scheduled. If a team does not have enough players to play a scheduled game, a $30 forfeit fee will be charged to the team via the captain or the captain’s designee’s account. The forfeit fee is to be paid before the next game played by the team forfeiting the game.

If a team does not have enough players committed at least one hour prior to the start of the game, the captain must contact the opposing captain and either forfeit or request a scrimmage. The opposing team captain has the authority to decide if her team will play a scrimmage game using the scheduled time slot. If it is agreed ahead of time, the forfeit fee will be forgiven by the opposing team captain.

If a team reports to the field, does not have enough players and forfeits just prior to the game, a forfeit fee will be charged to the forfeiting team regardless of whether or not a scrimmage is played. The team that arrived prepared to play can use that field at their own discretion.

If at any time, a team decides not to play a specific team for reasons other than not having enough players, the captain should communicate with the opposing captain to explore other options. The game can be considered a forfeit, but the teams can swap players and scrimmage. This gives everyone the opportunity to play the game as scheduled.

Why are club member required to earn Four Get Involved (GI) points per year?

GI Points were developed as a way to build camaraderie among players, which in turn created an opportunity to support one another off of the field. In doing so, we have found that GI activities are a great way to have fun with your friends, provide networking opportunities while continuing to support each other’s causes/events and the WSC. Some of our GI activities help offset the WSC operating expenses.

Are refunds ever given?

As a practice, refunds are not given. If a player commits to playing with a team and a fee is assigned but backs out prior to the start of the session or during any part of the session, the assigned fee will not be refunded if fee was paid; if not paid, while she should not be playing, once a fee is assigned to a player, the WSC will not remove the fee. As this is a team fee, this is a team matter between the captain and the player. It can be resolved in a manner that works best for the captain/team and the player, but the captain must ensure that the complete team fee is paid in full during that session.

What if player fees are not paid by the due date?

  1. Session fees are due one month prior to the start of the session.
  2. Individual players are assigned a $15.00 late fee with a one week grace period after the due date.
  3. If complete team fees are not paid in full by the start of the session, the team will be at risk of being omitted from the upcoming session.
  4. Individual players who have not paid her fees by the start of the session should not be allowed to play until the complete fee (session and late fee) is paid.

New and building teams should work with appropriate league coordinator to determine if a due date can be extended to help ensure the team has enough players to field a team for the upcoming session.

Scholarship Questions

  1. Are scholarships available? If so, how does a player apply for a scholarship? 

Scholarships are available but are based on activities or events scheduled by the club.  There are times throughout the year when scholarships might not be immediately available, however, we encourage players to apply when in need and we will contact her as opportunities become available.

  1. How it works: players can request full or partial scholarships by submitting a Scholarship Application to the Scholarship Coordinator – found on Help/Contact Us.  (Click this link for Scholarship Application) Depending on the activity or event and time commitment involved, the club will provide a full or partial scholarship to the player for one session. It is expected that the player completes between two to four hours of volunteer time to earn a partial scholarship or four or more hours to earn a full scholarship. A player can remain on scholarship for as long as the WSC has activities or events available. Scholarships must be completed prior to the award or coverage of fees. If a fee is assigned and the player does not complete the scholarship activity, the fee will subject to a late fee and remain owing by the player. In addition, the team will need to cover the deficit during the upcoming session. WSC maintains the right to approve or reject any activity as satisfying a member’s commitment, such as when an applicant to complete the task as assigned, etc.
  2. Should captains assign fees to those on scholarship? 

Yes. Once the fee is assigned, notify the appropriate league coordinator that the fee has been assigned and the player is on scholarship. The league coordinator will work with the scholarship to determine when the assignment has been completed. At that time, the administration will mark the fee paid via Scholarship.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Women’s Soccer Club as a division of the Women’s Charities, Inc., is to provide opportunities and to promote adult women’s soccer without regard to level of experience, skill level, race, national origin, sexual orientation, religion and socio-economic status

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